The Workspace Central Community is dedicated to helping business leaders and workers alike search, discover and learn about the future of the digital workspace.

The digital workspace is the defining model for end-user computing in the mobile-cloud era. This transformative new movement securely delivers anytime, anywhere access to any application on any device. Companies that embrace the digital workspace enable users to reap the many benefits of a diverse portfolio of devices and applications.

Taking inspiration from advances in consumer technologies, the digital workspace enhances the end-user experience and simplifies IT management, preserving the reliability and security aspects required for business-critical applications and sensitive corporate data.

Pillars of the Digital Workspace

  • Access to any application from any device
  • Unified endpoint management, spanning desktop and mobile
  • Integrated application management: desktop, SaaS, mobile and cloud
  • Consumer simple, enterprise secure
  • Synergy with core infrastructure capabilities: cloud, identity, security, etc.
  • A platform for managing policy and compliance across applications and a host of third-party services (security)